There is something for everyone at Transformation Church. If you don't see a ministry that fits your needs, then maybe the Lord is calling you to start one here?

  • YOUTH ministry

    During junior high and high school, a dynamic shift happens in a youth's life.  the social reliance on parents wanes and begins to shift toward friends.  At TCLV, the youth can find an environment that is safe, reliable and fun.  our leaders do life with our students, engage them and lock arms with them.  our team strives to provide an environment where their story can intersect with Jesus and transformation happens.  (Click for video)

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  • men's Christian living home

    The Branch house is a safe and healthy home for Christian men that will help them establish and maintain a sober and drug free life.  we will help them re-enter into society and be responsible for maintaining a Christian life while living in the world.  we will also help them to develop an exit plan for moving out and continuing a life built on faith and recovery.  for more information, contact Jerry at 702-204-5109.

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  • food pantry

    Hope for the hungry food pantry is a beacon of hope in a part of town many people would say from which nothing good ever comes.  twice a month we distribute food to the needy. 

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  • Women's ministry

    Our women meet weekly on Wednesday evenings to hear from God's Word and see what it has to say about their lives. they strive to make certain no woman is left unconnected, isolated or ignored, and are dedicated to becoming the shining examples of what true Christian womanhood looks like

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  • men's ministry

    our men meet weekly on Wednesday evenings to encourage one another and grow together in Jesus and personally. it's easy to think you're going through life alone and that No one really understands -- this is not acceptable thinking to our men! Any man (young or old) will find a place where they belong, learn and grow into the mighty creation God intended them to be

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  • children's ministry

    Grapevine offers our children fun, relevant and impactful ministry. we

    strive to provide, for anyone from birth to adulthood, an environment to have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.  Our children's services meet during our regularly scheduled services on Sunday morning and every Wednesday night.

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